The mission of the Spencer Theater for the Performing Arts is to enrich the cultural lives of South-Central New Mexico's residents and visitors.

The Spencer Theater for the Performing Arts opened in October of 1997, creating a year-round venue for world-class performances in theater, music and dance. An aristocrat among theaters, the $22-million structure is splendid and elegant, yet intimate and welcoming. At the heart of the Spencer, in its 514-seat hall, you’ll encounter a powerful experience of the performing arts — outstanding acoustics, intimate seating, and artistry of the highest caliber.

Frank Sayner, Trustee, President
Ronnie Hemphill, Treasurer, Trustee, Inc. Member
Wanda Harmon, Secretary
Bruce Morgan, Director
Joan Tucker, Director
Tom Battin, Director
Leon Kranz, Director

Suzanne O’Malley, Director