Saturday, February 27 at 7pm
Sponsored in-part by Scott Miller & Rolla Hinkle III

Clementine - Drums • Gretchen Menn - Guitar • Angeline Saris - Bass • Noelle Doughty - Vocals

How to honor the legacy of a British rock band deemed sacred? A legendary band with world-changing riffs, blues fury, power-ballad grandeur, lyrical brilliance and a catalog of eclectic songs? To tread on holy ground is perilous, and must be done with the intent and spirit of true disciples. The only way is to pay attention to the immortal intricacies, explore the far ends of that band’s innovation, and let the purity of love drive it all.

Now more than ever, Zepparella, the All-Female Zeppelin Powerhouse explores their own improvised musical magic within the framework of Led Zeppelin’s mighty songs like “Dazed and Confused,” “When The Levee Breaks,” “Stairway To Heaven,” “Whole Lotta Love,” “Kashmir,” “Since I’ve Been Loving You,” “Tangerine,” “Black Dog,” Immigrant Song,” “Ramble On,” “Houses of the Holy,” and others!

Drummer Clementine is the founding member of Zepparella. From the beginning of her musical career, Clementine has been in constant performance touring the US and Europe in diverse projects. With Zepparella, she ultimately found the means to tackle the best rock drumming ever written with her own emotionally powerful style. The profound musical connection established with her fellow life-long lovers of Led Zepplin – the classically trained guitarist Gretchen Menn, the versatility of bassist Angeline Saris, and the passionate vocals of Noelle Doughty – creates the bond required to do justice and pay tribute to what many arguably consider the greatest rock band of all time.



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